Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Skoshbox

Good afternoon, everyone. It's a typical southern summer day, i.e. 50% chance of rain so I thought I'd take the time to blog and enjoy the sound of rain on the patio. I've never ever liked summers because of the humidity in the south, but the rain is fantastic, especially when you are at home to enjoy it.

1. Cheese Umaibo Stick: Oh, my. It's like a giant Golden Flake cheese puff. If I ever find these in an Asian market, I will buy all of them! They are that good.

2. Sylvene Mini Cake Slice: I got the red version in the Skoshbox which is cocoa flavored. It is literally a tiny slice of chocolate cake. So good. I hope they have these in a future Skoshbox so I can try the vanilla flavor.

3. Honey Nut Pretz Sticks: Is Pretz the cousin to Pocky? I have no idea, but I would imagine they are since they come from the same company. It is almond flavored biscuits topped with sugar. They sort of remind you of honey nut Cheerios. I like that they aren't too sweet.

4. Rubella Cigar Cookies: This is a buttery cookie that is rolled into a cigar shape. It is light and crisp. Sweet, but not too sweet.

5. Home Pie Cookie: Yet another cookie type from Home Pie, but it tastes like all the other ones I've had in the Skoshboxes so far despite the claim that it is a different flavor?!?!

6. Anpanman Soft Senbei: a sweet shoyu rice cracker. I've realized that I like the sweet shoyu crackers compared to the regular soy sauce crackers.

1. Super Energy Candy: this is supposed to be a energy drink candy. I tried it and promptly got rid of it. It was extremely sour. Does sour equal energy?!?!? Hmm....... Well, at least it didn't taste like Red Bull, which to me is a big bottle of nasty cough syrup.

2. Supermario Gum: It's just gum, but what's with the cards in the pack?! Apparently you are supposed to play a matching game with the cards, but I can't read it's completely lost on me.

Until next time ^_____^

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