Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Skoshbox

I received my September skoshbox earlier this month, but decided to save it for the end of the month to sample in order to give my coworkers a much needed pick-me-up.

They have changed up the information card this month with photos of each item. This is a great idea especially if you have several items of the same flavor in a package.

I thought for sure that I would have a non-melted box since it came in the mail on Saturday and I was able to grab it before the heat set in. So much for that idea, the Pocky in this package was still melted together. I'm convinced it is because it ships from Hawaii which means it is in transit for several days and in crazy conditions at various mailing centers. Sadness for future skoshboxes!!

Favorites: (in order)
1. Mint chocolate Pocky: how can you go wrong with Pocky? Well, maybe if you don't like mint flavored chocolate. Fortunately, I love mint and chocolate so I'm a big fan of this flavored Pocky. I wish the Asian markets in town sold other flavors besides the basic chocolate, strawberry, or almond crush. Maybe I can conceive Amanda to keep a lookout for this flavor while she's out and about in CA!

2. Mario Chocolate Crisp: (chocolate baked wheat puffs) Have you guys ever eaten wheat puff cereal? I remember it as a kid. It was one of the few cereals our grandfather would eat and my sister and I came to love it too. These chocolate crisps are amazing. Wheat puffs covered in chocolate...yummy tastebuds all around!

3. Pizza Umaibo: (pizza puffed corn snack) Yet again, I haven't had a flavor of this snack that I've disliked so far. This pizza flavor is no exception. If you see it at your local Asian market, go ahead and pick it up because you won't be disappointed.

4. Macadamia Nut Oreo Bar: Finally an oreo treat that hadn't melted yet! This oreo barely made it on my favorites list.....it was saved by the sheer fact that it was an oreo. Otherwise, I couldn't taste the macadamia nut. I think perhaps if it was a bigger bar I might have been able to taste the difference with the macadamia nuts.

5. Dragon Ball Gum: (fruity bubble gum) Just your basic gum, but with Dragon Ball Z wrappers. They would definitely make good party favors for those who love Dragon Ball.

Questionable: (in order)

1. Matcha Look Adult Series: (crispy green tea chocolate) This little bar wasn't terrible, but its consistency reminded me of the green tea Kit Kats. I guess I'm not a fan of textured green tea in sweets.

2. Haihain Baby Veggie: (vegetable crackers) Yet again, not bad, but there was hardly any taste to these crackers. It would be something I would eat if someone gave it to me, but I've had better senbei. 


1. Utility Truck Ramune Candy: I'm sure if it's just me, but so far none of the 'ramune' candies have tasted like ramune. To make this one even worst, it was grape flavored ramune. Ugh....gross! And the whole 'blow through the hole to whistle' gimmick didn't deliver with this candy. You could make a noise with this candy, but it wasn't a whistle.

I can't wait until next month's package. I wonder if they will include any Halloween packaged items or fall flavored goodies!!! Until next time ^____^

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