Sunday, September 21, 2014

Birthday Package

Hi, everyone! I received a birthday package from Amanda last month, but never got around to posting about it. Even though my birthday was in June, Amanda waited to send it later because she wanted to include goodies from SDCC 2014.

She got me two books from Brian Kesinger's artist table at SDCC as my main gift. He is a fabulous steampunk artist who is known for his tea girl illustrations.  Amanda got me his Walking Your Octopus and the companion coloring book. She even got them signed!!!

She got me lots of posters, buttons, and excerpt booklets for upcoming novels as freebies from SDCC.

Also included in the package was some lovely Sentimental Circus stationery in a watercolor pattern, an adorable bunny magnetic page marker, and some crochet goodies, a button and a yarn ball brooch by All About Ami. She even made me a mini multicolored star amigurumi brooch. I have added it to the little bunny amigurumi brooch she made last year.

The card and notes in the package were handmade and featured kawaii pandas. I love the colors of the cards!

Thank you darling for all the goodies!

Until next time >____<

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