Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gifts for Coworkers

Good afternoon everyone! I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. No worries, I've just been crafting up a storm with some resin work, crochet, and cross stitching this month.

Earlier this week, I gave one of my coworkers her Christmas gifts as I wanted her to be able to enjoy them during the month of December.

LOL Don't you love it when Blogger decides to upload your images in odd ways? Anywho, I gave her a resin bracelet and pendant that I made using resin and Christmas colored sprinkles. I also found a cute sticky notepad at Target in their dollar section. Perfect for spreading holiday cheer in the office! Not pictured was a Starbucks mug/chocolate mix set.

For my other coworker, I made two Mario themed amigurumis that I plan to attach to keychains. I had given him a bob-omb amigurumi earlier and thought to add to his collection with two more video game themed ones for Christmas. I hope to get some candy or something else to fill out his gift bag :)

The mushroom amigurumi is from Wolfdreamer's pattern and the fire flower is from Penelope's Let's All Get Knitfaced blog. The fire flower tested my skill at learning a new technique in crochet, the semi-circle. It isn't hard, but I'm so used to stitching in the round that I get nervous doing anything else >___<

I really hope my coworker likes his new amigurumis! Video gamers UNITE!

Until next time ^___^

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