Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wandering in New Orleans

On Friday, my sister and I and our friend Andrew went on a mini-excursion to New Orleans for the day. We lucked out on the weather: hot, but with a breeze. You can't ask for better in the middle of the summer in New Orleans.

Our first stop was the WWII museum. As many times as we have been to New Orleans, we have never stopped at the WII museum. We didn't get to spend the amount of time that we needed to see everything at the museum, but it was quite an amazing museum. If you plan to stop by the museum, it might be a good idea for you to spend a few days in New Orleans. That way you have a chance to see everything in the museum on one day and spend the rest of your time seeing the other sights in the city.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Dat Dog......yum!

I'm not too adventurous when I first visit a my hot dog was just decked out with cheese and mustard......but look at the 'white trash' fries that my sister ordered! Delicious!

We decided to walk off our lunches and went by an antique shop on Magazine Street.

Look at these lovelies.......a box full of buttons.........I love these German flower buttons. I didn't buy them despite the temptation....but I knew I didn't have a project in mind for them.

After browsing, we stopped by our favorite local sweet shop, Sucre.

Yummy shots of the gorgeous creations!

Speaking of adventurous, my sister is to some extent, but when she finds something she likes, she always comes back to it. Her choice at Sucre, CS.....cookie and ice cream.

My choices......yes, I said choices. It makes me sound like a complete pig......but I couldn't decide and wanted to try several of them......

The dacquoise rouge: macaroon, raspberries, lemon creme, and strawberry sauce. The macaroon beside the dessert is almond flavored......perfect.

Second dessert.....elderflower savarin: strawberry compote, passion fruit cream, and elderberry cordial. Quite a unique taste! But definitely worth picking out if you want something different.

Did I eat all the desserts I chose? couldn't......LOL......but at least I got to try some new things before we left.

I found the perfect dream house on Eighth Street on our way back to our car.

This view of the lawn area caught my eye. As Andrew said, it reminded him of The Secret Garden.

Wouldn't you love to perch on a window seat in that room with a good book and cup of cocoa? View of a quiet street in New Orleans while reading to your heart's content......sigh....

1208, you are lovely!

Hopefully we can have some more fun in New Orleans the next time we stop by!

Until next time ^___^

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