Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Giveaway Package in CA!

Good morning, everyone! I sent out the giveaway package on Saturday and it got to sunny CA yesterday ;)

Here is everything wrapped and ready to be packaged up ;)

Lovely goodies in the package!!! I added several crochet items because the winner of the giveaway, Amanda, loves to crochet.

2 magazines - Crochet Today and Crafts N' Things
2 sheets of stickers
2 notepads - ice cream sandwich and bread shaped
2 spools of ribbon - steampunk and pink filigree designs
1 pack of flower buttons
1 Yarn To Go bag
1 Lindt berry chocolate bar (they have a new line of chocolate! Yum!)
Starbucks card


The little ice cream cone amigurumi. My dear friend has been complaining of the heat and her house's crazy A/C system. I thought that the amigurumi would at least give her some 'cool' thoughts to take her mind off the heat for a little while!!

So what would I have given someone else with a different hobby.........mostly all the same goodies except put in some magazines for that person's hobby and maybe some small kits ;)

I hope to do this giveaway again sometime! Maybe I'll get more entries >__<

Until next time ^___^


  1. Thank you! I loved everything! :)

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  3. Sorry you only had 1 entry :/ I love reading blogs and came across yours because of the winner :) Good luck with everything! :)