Monday, July 29, 2013

Comic Con Stash

My friend Amanda was able to attend Comic Con in San Diego this year. My sister and I were hoping to attend, but sadly were not able to get tickets. Since we missed it, Amanda sent us plenty of goodies from the con!

 First off, lots and lots of bookmarks, stickers, and artists' cards!

ARC of Curtsies and excited to read this book! Also Fallen, a manga preview book, and a signed bookplate ;)

Comic books, lanyards, applique patch, and flashlight keychain ;)

Two tote computer doesn't want to see the image the correct way.....LOL....

Buttons galore! I love how she pinned each one to the bubble wrap to ship them!

Anime, manga, Hello Kitty, and OUAT posters.

Yet computer is acting silly. A MLP Fluttershy poster and cutout hats and crown ;) She also got me posters for The Simpsons and Haven.

Zombie bunny fan, Hello Kitty and Anne Rice cutouts. Anne Rice's new book comes out this fall.....can't wait!

The mega tote bag!!

>____< Believe me when I say that this tote bag is HUGE! I'm standing up while taking this picture! The bag features DJ Pon-3.........AWESOME!

Darling, thank you for all the goodies! Especially the goodies for my friends and sister!!

Until next time ^___^

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  1. I hope you guys can come next time. :) The fallen book is signed. You would love to go just for all the books and author signings. ;) Also those 2 same MLP "hats" are actually unicorn horns! Hehe and I think I could sit in that huge bag and disappear. Hehe I missed you guys there!