Sunday, December 19, 2010

International goodies, anyone?

Hi! My family and I decided to take a trip across the bay yesterday afternoon to do some shopping at the Eastern Shore Centre. I had two stores that I wanted to go browse, the World Market and Barnes and Noble.

I couldn't resist the international food section at the World Market and came away with a load of British and German chocolate and other goodies! I also purchased some chocolate biscuits! Yummy! My only qualm was the price.....$5 for biscuits when they would have cost maybe 80 cents in the UK. (sigh) Despite my grumbling, I still purchased everything since they were my favorites in England O_o"

Don't you love the artist's palette tin?

Next I wandered the stacks of Barnes and Noble while waiting for my mother and aunt to finish shopping in Belks. I miss our Barnes and Noble store; it closed due to a landowner's dispute about higher rent. While my aunt was at the counter buying her knitting magazines, the cashier was telling her that the company was looking out for another place in Mobile to put a store!! I hope it comes to pass. The bookstore's selection is so much better than the other bookstore in town!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Until next time ^____^

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