Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your Winter Solstice, the first day of winter. Did you get a chance to view the lunar eclipse early this morning? I set my alarm last night so I could get up and view it for a while. It was a beautiful, clear night to view the eclipse. That is one good thing about living outside the city, you have a nice view of the stars if the weather permits.

In other news, I received a Christmas package from my dear friend in CA yesterday. Here is a picture of the contents of the box!

These lovely wrapped packages contained a lot of goodies. UK cross stitch magazines, a DMC travel kit, sweets from Taiwan, a 'Twilight Woods' lotion set from B&B Works, along with a lot of other fun stuff! I think the best part of the package were the letters and the Merry Christmas bunny card from Taiwan as I always love to hear from my friend ;)

I love how my friend wrapped everything and the 'love' box is adorable! Definitely a keeper as I have several boxes like this that hold my letters/cards from family and friends from over the years.

THANK YOU my dear friend! I loved everything.

Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice! Until next time ^____^

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