Friday, November 26, 2010

A fun day and weekend plans!

Hi, everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday! My family and I spent the afternoon at the movie theater watching the newest Harry Potter film, which was brilliant.

Afterwards, we stopped by the MRGS' rock and gem show at the fairgrounds. I have never been to the show despite the fact that it is hosted every year on Thanksgiving weekend. The show had many different booths with specimens on display and for sale. It is a beader's paradise with string of beads for sale and for those with money to burn, a beautiful selection of cut semi-precious gemstones for jewelry making. There were also educational displays on the various types of rocks and gems and activities for children such as panning for minerals and a miniature dig for fossils.

Amongst the beads and gems were booths with gorgeous handmade jewelry and antique dealers of jewelry, real and costume. One of my favorite antique dealers was there with her amazing array of jewelry, which was great. She used to sell at the Abba Temple during their antique weekends, but sadly they discontinued those weekends from lack of interest.

You know I couldn't resist indulging in some 'new' brooches, right?!

One of my favorite brooches that I picked up today. It was love at first sight as it reminds of the Victorian romance manga series by Kaoru Mori. Isn't it lovely? I love the way the lily of the valley flower buds dangle from the stem. There are no maker's marks on the back of this brooch, but it has an older C clasp.

My sister helped me browse through the multitude of brooches at the booth and she insisted that I buy this little cutie when it caught her eye. It's a fun looking brooch and perfect for a bookworm like myself. No marker's marks and it has a modern clasp on the back.

We both agreed that this pin was unique with its winged deity soaring across the sky. It reminds me of the FTD symbol of the Hermes just a little, but it's still a neat brooch. It has a modern clasp and is dated 1988.

Another unique brooch. I love the three dimensional detail on the sails. It has no marker's marks, but has an older C clasp on the back.

Close up of detail.

What do you think? I can't wait to wear them to work! The bad part is deciding on which one to wear first!

In other news, I plan on going to storage tomorrow morning to retrieve our Christmas tree after its year in exile and rescue the Christmas ornaments from their current state of loneliness and neglect with no one to admire them!

I also hope to swing by my LNS to look for some linen for some more Christmas stitching, which I hope to start tomorrow afternoon.

Until next time ^____^

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