Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

The only store I go to on Black Friday is Target. This year there seemed to be more people than usual waiting for the store to open. I attribute this to the fact that Walmart was open at midnight for general items so many people shopped there first before coming to stand in line at Target.

The line stretched all around the building somewhere behind the garden center. Believe me, if you've ever seen a Super Target and know the length of the building you'll know how many people were in line.

The quote of the day, "I don't know if she'll like it, but it was the last one on the shelf." - A lady talking to her mother while holding up a Disney doll.

Why buy it if you're not sure if your child will even play with it? Why not spend your money on something you know they'll enjoy? Our customer culture has gotten to the point where people will buy things they really don't want just to get something for a discounted price.

What did I get out my Black Friday experience? Two DVDs that I know I'll watch, Christmas candy for friends, and a nice frappuccino for the unseasonably warm November morning! The rest of my shopping will be online.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Until next time ^____^

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