Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Potions, Brews, and Spells progress

After finishing up my Shy Fairy embroidery project, I stitched a bit on Potions, Brews, and Spells. I had no luck in finding a magnifier in my craft store browsing so I took my standing Ott light and draped it over a chair so I could get it as close as I could to my project while stitching. I looked ridiculous, but at least it helped.

I pulled out a bit of linen and tried my hardest to learn how to stitch the queen stitch.

It was a mess, I tried it at least ten times and couldn't get it to look right. It doesn't help that the JCS pattern shows the stitch covering six stitches and the diagram in the back of the magazine has it over five.

I'm so confused by that stitch. I looked up the stitch online and all the diagrams are the same as the magazine, but no matter how many times I stitch it, it just looks wonky.

So on that note, I plan on continuing with my regular stitching and leave that area of queen stitches until the end. If I can't figure it out at the end, I'll think of some other stitch to put in its place.

Until next time ^____^


  1. So bad that you couldn't find a suitable magnifier lamp in your craft store. Maybe one day you just happen to find one when you are even not looking for one.
    I'm sure that you will master the Queen stitch one day. It looks so great and it's worth giving it several tries. Says someone who doesn't love stitching it either, lol.

  2. You may be right. That's usually how you find things :)

    Lol we will see. If it continues to drive me nuts, I think of a different stitch to put there. As long as it looks good to me, it shouldn't matter what I put there.