Saturday, February 18, 2017

Potions, Brews, and Spells progress

I started on my Halloween pattern yesterday morning. The previous Sunday I had gotten the fabric out, prepped it, and stitched two numbers to get started for my Friday Frolic.

At the end of the day yesterday I had finished an entire row and the first letter in the row above it. I tried to stitch the row of queen stitches that go between the 'T' and 'Z', but I'm totally confused by the diagram in the JCS magazine.

I need to get a scrap of larger count linen and practice the stitch. Being able to see what I am stitching would help immensely.

In addition to practicing, I need a magnifier to attach to my Ott light. I have a hard time seeing the stitches on this higher count of linen.

It makes me wonder how stitchers can work on higher counts like 40 and up. I can hardly see the 35ct stitches.........O-o".

Hopefully next weekend I will be able to go by Joann's and check out their Ott light selection. I think they have magnifiers in that section that can be attached to the lights...........though I could just be making this up in my mind. LOL

Going by the store depends entirely on my work during the week. Our boss thinks we should work next Saturday if we don't accomplish enough during the week. That means I plan on bugging one of coworkers relentlessly to pick up the pace. Let's just say when we have events coming up, he is always the one we are waiting on, every single time. It gets old real fast. If I was his boss, I would have fired him a long time ago for incompetence.

Enough of the work will just make me stressed and I plan on enjoying the weekend while I can :)

Until next time ^____^


  1. Great start on your Halloween project, Rachel.
    Funnily enough I'm sure I've seen someone else stitching Queen stitches this year, but I can't remember who or where! I haven't tried the stitch myself, nor have used high count fabrics ..... something else to try one day!
    I hope you get your magnifier!
    Barbara x

    1. Lol If you try the higher count, you might need a magnifier too!!

      I hope I can get the hang of the queen stitch :)

  2. Great new start on this Halloween piece - and already a row of letters finished. It's coming along great.
    A good idea to practice the Queen stitches first. I usually avoid to buy charts with Queen stitches. But I'm sure that a magnifier lamp could help I your other post I have already said that I have been stitching only with my magnifier for years now. And I can even stitch on 40 ct fabric. You should try it.