Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Brooches :)

Hi, everyone! I have some new brooches to add to my collection!


This Totoro brooch was something I had commissioned from an artist on Etsy. She had a version of the polymer clay Totoro, but it was a necklace. I asked if she could make me a brooch with the same design. It came in the mail on Monday.

I love it.....I really wanted something geeky to wear occasionally at work. I have to be sure that on the days that I wear this brooch, I am working at my desk and not moving things around where I might accidentally brush up against the roses and break them O-o"

The same coworker who gave me the Bob Mackie heart brooch gave me two more brooches from his mother's collection. They are both brooches made by the French jewelry maker, Marcel Boucher. He worked for Cartier in the 1920s and then for several other companies before forming his own in 1937.

The two pieces I have were made after 1955 sometime around 1959-1960. Interesting enough, the rose brooch is part of set. When a piece of jewelry was part of a set, the company put 'N', 'E', and 'P' after the inventory number to denote a set. My coworker said he would check and see if the necklace and earrings were still in his mother's collection.

It could be that they aren't there at all because I'm not sure whether the Boucher sets were bought as complete set or if you had to purchase each one individually.

I'll have to wear these sometime this week. Both are quite beautiful. The rose brooch is so LONG! I don't have any of those types in my collection.

I really need a jewelry armoire. I wish I had enough money to commission someone to build one for me as I don't need something with slots for rings or earrings.....LOL just lots and lots of compartments for brooches :) Maybe someday!

Until next time ^____^


  1. Gosh, Rachel, the brooches are gorgeous!

    I know what you mean about the roses on Totoro. I had a necklace from my SIL with a rosebud ..... it didn't last long at all, and I felt so guilty that it had broken!

    I just love Totoro, sooo cute!

    Have a great week!
    Barbara x

    1. Thanks!! Yes, polymer clay is fragile when used for delicate work. Hopefully I don't break it!!

      I wore the bird today :)

  2. Rachel, WOW!! What striking pieces. I would dress up every day to wear brooches like that! LOL

    I'm not familiar with Totoro...I'll have to take a peek. LOL

    1. My Neighbor Totoro is an anime I saw as a kid and loved. He is a forest spirit :)