Saturday, January 21, 2017

Friday Stitching, Rain, and Cherry Blossoms

Good afternoon! We woke up this morning to some severe weather with our phones going off with tornado warning alerts. For a few moments we were standing inside our bathroom with our cat, Lily, waiting to see what would happen.

To our relief, no tornados touched down in our area or in town. I know people complain about cell phone usage today, but I love the fact that cell phones (at least smart phones) automatically have warning notifications set on your phone. If something is wrong, it goes off to alert you.

Living outside of town we don't have a warning system in place if there are tornados in the area unless we have our TV or radio on. From what I've heard some areas of Mobile have sirens that go off if there are tornados. It would be nice if they extended that system to the rest of the county.

In other news, my friends and I met up yesterday to watch Taiwanese dramas, eat pizza, and chat about anything and everything. I decided to bring along my Bohemian Paisley embroidery pattern to stitch on. The great thing about watching Asian dramas with friends is the fact that you don't have to actively 'watch' the TV. There will always be someone yelling at the TV over something crazy that happens. It makes for great stitching time.....well, unless you stab your finger with a needle when someone screams at the TV. LOL

I made progress by filling in the satin stitch areas, doing some outline stitches around the French knots, and attempting to stitch some lazy daisies. I don't know why, but I've never been a fan of the lazy daisy stitch. When I stitch one, it never seems as 'full' as what is pictured on my design.

If I try to leave them bigger, it seems like the stitch isn't secure so I pull the stitch tighter. I'm seriously considering pulling out those stitches and satin stitching those areas. Does anyone have any tips for lazy daisy stitches? Is it supposed to be a loose stitch?


In flowering news, we were lucky that the rain and wind this morning didn't damage anything outside. My cherry tree came through as if it was just getting a normal rain shower. Everyone else's blossoming trees are in full color lately.

It makes me wish our city had a park with flowering trees, but sadly our main park is full of pine and oak trees. I guess the city hadn't heard of landscaping back in the day!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far!

Until next time ^____^


  1. Blossoming trees, what a sight for me. When I look out the window everything is white, white, white. That makes me want to pull out WIPs that are really colourful, lol.
    Your new project is also very colourful and looks so great. As for lazy daisy stitches I don't really love stitching them. But I try not to stitch them too tight so that the leaf shape is visible. I don't know if this helps. Maybe you can find a tutorial on you tube. Good luck.

    1. I'm glad we don't have snow! No one can drive in it down here and cities anywhere below Huntsville and Birmingham lack snow plows and salt trucks!!

      Yes, I figured a cheerful colored project would be good especially with our on/off again dreary weather.

      I'll be checking youtube to see if anyone has tips on the lazy daisies. One of the ladies on the Friday Frolics mentioned it was harder to get a nice looking stitch when using stranded threads like the pattern calls for. So I'll see what I can do :)

      Have a great week! Don't let that snowy weather get you down!

  2. Hmmmm...tornadoes? No thank you, I'll keep the earthquakes here in California. LOL

    Your trees are so beautiful. Nature has the most amazing colors!

    Love your stitching. Reminds me of my high school days...way back in the 70's!

    Have a wonderful weekend!