Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Sick Kitty, Cherry Blossoms, and Friday Stitching

Hi, everyone! It's been a crazy week at our house. Last Monday, I dropped off our kitty Lily at the vet. She had been vomiting all weekend and wasn't eating and hardly drinking anything.

At first the vet thought she might be constipated, but later in the day when the medication they gave her along with an enema (poor kitty!!!) didn't work, they realized she had a bunch of foreign objects in her intestines (i.e. string, bits of carpet, hair). How in the world can a cat eat that stuff?! Never underestimate a kitten!

So they took Lily off to surgery.....$1,500 later we had a cone of shame kitty to contend with and let me tell you, she is not a happy camper.

For the past several days, we have had to keep her in a cage so she wouldn't jump or run which might cause her stitches to rip. The poor thing doesn't understand why we have to keep putting her back in the cage. 

Do cats have long memories? If so, she is going to remember this experience and hate the dreaded cat cage for a lifetime! It should be interested to see if we can get her in it if we need to in the future.

Here's Lily in her cone of shame! CONE OF SHAME!!!!

In other non-crazy news, our cherry tree is still going strong despite windy and rainy weather. I gotta enjoy its beautiful blooms while I can!

In stitching news, I worked a bit more on my Bohemian Paisley design on Friday. I satin stitched a few more areas, finished the outline stitching around the French knots, and started to split stitch a few areas of orange.

Split stitching isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I will say I don't like how it looks in the end. Not that it is a horrible looking stitch, I blame the amount of threads the stitch calls for in the pattern. The pattern calls for three strands when I think they should be more......but maybe the pattern is trying to highlight other areas with fuller stitches?!?! LOL

Maybe I get some more stitching done this Friday. My friends and I are celebrating our friend Nicole's birthday. It should be fun. And hopefully by then Lily can be released from captivity and free from the cone of shame! Which would make for an even better Friday!

Until next time ^____^


  1. Poor little cat.
    These cherry tree blossoms look gorgeous, I wish we could already see flowers and blooming trees in my area - but nothing like this. There's still too much snow.
    I love the look of your Paisley stitching project. I have never done anything like this, only cross stitch so far.

    1. Yes, she is a sad kitty. She will be glad to be rid of her cone of shame at the end of the week! Lol

      Thanks! I hope to improve on my embroidery skills :)

      Hopefully you get a break from the snow!

  2. Poor kitty! I hope she improves soon!
    It's too early here for blooming plants/trees, but I enjoy seeing yours!

    1. We rarely get snow here and with the unseasonably warm weather lately everyone's flowering trees have started to blossom.

      She's improving and itching to get out and terrorize the household again :) lol

  3. Poor Lily...I used to have a $1000 alley cat. LOL Miss Kitty got stuck in a lifting garage door and almost had to have her leg amputated. I managed to keep it clean and saved her and the leg. She lived until 18.

    Your trees are so beautiful! I love that shade of pink. Smile.

    1. Aww! I'm sure Miss Kitty had a wonderful life with you. Especially on a farm with barn life everywhere :)

      Have a great weekend! I hope your back is feeling better.