Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day package to CA!

Good morning, everyone! I didn't have a chance over the weekend to post about the Chinese New Year package that I sent to my friend Amanda to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.....with a few Valentine's Day items thrown in the mix.

Wandering the Internet for rooster amigurumi patterns, I found an adorable one.....but the website was in Spanish. At least Google translate is good for things occasionally so I was about to crochet the pattern.

So my little rooster was sent to CA along with a traditional Starbucks Year of the Rooster gift card, and some zodiac chocolate coins. For Valentine's Day items, I found some pretty sparkly (who doesn't like sparkles?!) washi tape, one of Hershey's new candy bars, and a set of flavored teas at Target.

Silly me, I had wrapped the teas up before taking a photo......I was wrapping everything at 10pm after getting home from hanging with my friends. My brain wasn't in photo mode, just wrap everything and go to sleep mode. LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful Year of the Rooster!!!

Until next time ^____^

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