Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tall Kitty Amigurumi

Hi, everyone. I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry for this tall kitty. I have had it in my stash of patterns for a while and finally got around to stitching it this month.

I used Caron Simply Soft white and soft pink for the dress and kitty. For the bottom paws and bowtie, I used Bernat Satin sable. I find that Bernat Satin's texture matches well with the Caron Simply Soft yarns.

With this pattern I learned a new crochet stitch for the edging on the dress, the crab stitch or reverse single crochet least that is what I think it might be. The video attached to the pattern was in Russian. When I tried to use an online translator site, it came up with the oddest translation of the title of the video. Looking up the crab stitch/reverse single crochet stitch, the stitch in the video was similar so I think perhaps it is a variation on the stitch.

This beautiful kitty will be leaving soon to a new home in a different country. I hope my friends' baby girl will love this kitty when she gets older.

Until next time >___<

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