Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Baking - Custard Cake

So you remember when I said I was going to bake a custard cake last Sunday. Well, it was a mess......all my own fault of course. First I burnt the custard because I wasn't watching the pan so I had to remake it and then I had used too many eggs and had to throw out the batter. I thought I could just make a second batter, but we were running low on butter and I didn't want to use it up as my sister was planning to make scalloped potatoes for Easter dinner.

This morning I decided to retry this recipe for a custard cake using Bird's custard powder.

This is a strange recipe as the cake tastes like sweet cornbread, which isn't bad because I love sweet cornbread, I just wasn't expecting it to taste like cornbread. It's not every day you get a yellow cake that tastes like cornbread. LOL

I wonder if there is a culinary term for foods that taste like others?!?!

The comments on the recipe mentioned doubling or tripling the sugar in the recipe, but after tasting this cake, I really doubt it would make a would be sweeter cornbread. (^__^)

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  1. Good morning, Rachel. Hmmm, I like sweet cornbread. And it that's not enough, I like to add butter and maple syrup. LOL If I'm going to eat bad, I go WAY bad. LOL

    I work in an institutional kitchen. When things go bad, they go really bad. Imagine throwing away 300 pounds of ground beef because someone dropped their Chapstick into the pot. Really, it happened. And of course, not a single inmate would admit it belonged to them. Some days, it would be better to sleep through breakfast. LOL