Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Amigurumi Roundup

So many amigurumi..................I think my wrist might fall off by the time the summer gets here......

My favorite amigurumi is the little grey Totoro! You can never go wrong with a Totoro....he's so cute!

The amigurumi that gave me the most trouble was the Captain America doll (to the right of Totoro). I always have trouble with making doll hair. So my Captain America is no exception. He looks like a boy, but the hair looks like Bucky Barnes instead of Steve

I was complaining to my friend Amanda about the horror that is making dolls hair. It is so nerve wreaking. If you cut too much, you have to pull out your stitching and start over!!! She suggested maybe I should see if I could find a hairdresser who crocheted and asked for lessons. Sounds like a good plan.......though my hair stylist doesn't crochet......darn!

Looking online you can find dozens of amigurumi hair tutorials, but they are almost always for girls hair.......does no one make boy dolls?!?!?! I asking for the impossible? Knowing my luck, it's quite possible.

Until next time ^____^

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