Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Shopping ~ Vintage Finds!

I was able to make a trip to the Book Nook last Saturday. I came away with a few books.

1. The World of Dew by D.J. Enright - a book about the author's observations of Japan while living and working there in 1956 as an English professor at an university.

2. Billy Bunny and Uncle Bull Frog by David Cory with illustrations by Hugh Spencer - a series of children's books published sometime prior to 1920. The edition I have is from 1920, but I think the books might have been published prior to that as it makes mention in one of the stories that a boy is leaving his family to join the war.....assuming they are actually talking about WW1....the books would have been published between 1914-1918.

3. The Magic Garden by Gene Stratton-Porter - a book published in 1927. I had picked it up because I loved the illustrations which are printed on the sides of each page.........but sadly, the book has mold on the back! I didn't notice it until I got I had to make a book cover for it out of a Target paper bag. I really wish I could keep this book, but with mold on it.....sigh.....I'll have to see if it possible to clean it.

Now on to the best part of my book finds......

The Billy Bunny book has some lovely illustrations by Hugh Spencer. One of my favorites is this one of Billy Bunny and his dapper looking uncle named Lucky Lefthindfoot.

After reading the book, I had to text my friend Amanda about it and send her the picture of Lucky. Wouldn't he make an adorable plush doll with his cute little top hat, coat, and striped pants?!!??!

This is one of those times in my life where I really wish I knew how to sew well. I can make straight lines on a sewing machine......when I'm lucky, but that's the extent of my sewing skills.

If I knew how to sew, I would definitely make a Lucky plush doll! He's so adorable!!!!

Yes, I know.....I'm a dingy bird......what can I say, I love bunnies.

Until next time ^____^


  1. The illustration is beautiful! I used quite a few of the older children's books when I home schooled my son. The pictures were always our favorites. So much artistry. Have a good night.

  2. Great finds indeed, Rachel. I love old children's books, just because of the illustrations that you sometimes find in them.