Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Skoshbox

Hi, everyone! It's Skoshbox time!!

1. Tirol Variety Choco: Out of the six flavors, I got the almond choco and milk choco flavors. The almond choco was nice. It is a sweet chocolate with an almond inside. The milk choco reminded me of German Kinder chocolate, but not as sweet as Kinder chocolate.
2. DIY choco-banana kit: see comments below.
3. Doraemon Bubblegum: This was soda flavored. I'm convinced that 'soda-flavored' in Japan always means ramune soda flavor. Not that I'm complaining, I love ramune.

1. Sumi Yaki coffee candy: I didn't try these; I immediately handed them over to a coworker.
2. Nagisa Arare rice crackers: shoyu (soy sauce) flavored crackers. Not a favorite. Some of the shoyu crackers are good, but the taste of shoyu in these crackers was too intense.
3. Mont Blanch Oreo Cake: Now I know what you're thinking. This has to be good because it's made by Oreo. You'd be wrong. This chestnut cream cake tasted like soap. I thought it might have just been my tastebuds, but I let my sister try it as well and she said the same thing.

1. Anpanman corn rings: There is no taste to these corn rings. None whatsoever. I would almost say these corn rings would  be great for toddlers as it's so bland.

The DIY banana-choco kit was fun. I loved the taste of the 'bananas'. They are actually similar in texture to circus peanut candies, but firmer. The chocolate sauce tastes like chocolate frosting and of course, the sprinkles are just sprinkles. I would definitely recommend this kit. It's yummy and fun.

Until next time ^___^

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