Sunday, May 3, 2015

April Skoshbox

It's that time again! Skoshbox review :)

Favorites (in order):
1. Black Thunder bar: I won't review this as I received this in a previous box. Just as good as the first time.
2. Choco An-pan Bread: soft bread with the chocolate filling. I had my doubts about the description of this snack because usually chocolate filled treats are biscuits and not bread, but boy was I wrong. I'm glad I was! You can't go wrong with chocolate filled bread.
3. Lotte Lace Chocolate: white and milk chocolate together in a lace pattern. Yum!
4. D'asses: the name makes you giggle, but apparently it isn't pronounced like the spelling, which is a relief as that might qualify as the worst product name ever in the history of cookies if it was pronounced like the spelling! It is a chocolate shortbread cookie. I like it as it isn't a dense cookie; it is a light cookie.
5. Ramune Drink Candy: no review as this was in a previous box.
6. Hi-chews: no review as this was in a previous box.
7. Hello Kitty cookies: we got the chocolate chip cookies. I was instantly transported back to the 1990s when McDonald's used to serve those bags of cookies in Happy Meals!!! I wondered what happened to those cookies....apparently Japan has been keeping them in their country and branded them with Hello Kitty :)

No crazy foods this time around. I hoping this month we won't get so many repeats. Though I wouldn't say no to a box full of black thunder bars.

Until next time >____<

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