Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dango Amigurumi ~ nom nom ~

Looking for adorable Japanese food snack amigurumis, I found Yard Yarn's dango freebie while searching through Ravelry. The designer makes really cute patterns and has great tutorials on youtube.

Pattern: Dango amigurumi by Yardyarn
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft black, bone, limelight, strawberry, watermelon, and white
Hook: size F
Start/Finish: 1/22-23/2015

I really like how my little dango turned out. So kawaii! I texted my friend Amanda to show her the completed amigurumi and joked that it made me thirsty for boba tea for some strange reason. She said it made her think of mochi ice cream. Sigh....the things we don't have in Alabama. I definitely envy Amanda....all the wonderful foods and drinks in California!

Until next time  >__<

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  1. All your Amigurumi are looking sweet, the food ones just like the animal ones. But I particularly like the little sheep that you showed in the other post.