Thursday, January 1, 2015

A CA Christmas Package

I was so surprised by the Christmas package that my friend Amanda sent me as it contained something I wasn't expecting to get at all. I always love the handmade gifts she sends me and after receiving two handmade gifts in my autumn package, I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas. Imagine me surprise when I unwrapped a gorgeous crocheted handbag.

As soon as I saw this bag, it reminded me of one of my favorite animated movies as a child, Ferngully. Don't the colorful half petals remind you of the mushrooms on trees? It does to me and I could just imagine them in the world of Ferngully.

Amanda told me that she had been working on the bag for a while. I can see why. It is gorgeous and is lined with a tote bag interior. She made it with my frequent library visits in mind. It is definitely sturdy enough to carry quite a few books!

She also sent me three bags/containers of Japanese goodies. The first was a bag of Raspberry Adult Line Kit Kats. The taste of these Kit Kats are amazing! You can smell raspberries as soon as you open the individual packets. One of my coworkers was walking over to our break area and he said he could smell it across the room! The raspberry taste is sweet and tart, just what you would expect from a raspberry. I hope to try more flavors of Kit Kats this year. Maybe I can find an online shop who sells them for a reasonable price :)

The other goodies were a bag of soda flavored candies. Always a yummy treat! And a box of Lottie Chocolate Pies, which are actually small flaky biscuits filled with chocolate. The chocolate isn't too pronounced, it tastes more like cocoa powder you would add to baked goods. I tried these for the first time when I went to CA years ago. They are always a welcome addition in Amanda's packages to me.

I think Amanda can't resist sending me bunny related items much like I can't resist sending her panda related ones. This time she sent me a cute pair of learners' chopsticks with a bunny top, an adorable wooden bunny brooch, and the tiniest pair of carrot earrings I've ever seen! Both the brooch and earrings were made by the proprietor of Unicorn Crafts. I actually wore the brooch to work the day after I got her coworker thought it was a pig?!?!?! LOL Poor little bunny mistaken for a piggy.

I also received a bunny plushie and a panda sticker :) So adorable!

Thank you for a wonderful package! I loved everything!

Until next time ^____^

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