Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gemini Bday!

My friend Kristina and I are having a bday party together this afternoon with our friends.

Here are the gifts I got for Kristina:

She loves foxes so I got her two items from Paperchase's fox stationery/accessory line, a mug and fold away bag.

While at Mobicon, I ran across a lovely artist who creates art in a gorgeous Asian-inspired style. I ended up buying one of her prints because Kristina's house is a mixture of Egyptian and Asian themes.

I think Kristina's love of mysteries eclipses everything else so when I saw that Penquin was releasing the Nancy Drew series with new covers, I had to get the first book for Kristina to add to her collectible books.

In terms of amigurumi,  I went small. I had found a pattern for Chinese paper lanterns but never got around to making them. I decided to make one for Kristina's bday ;)

I hope she likes everything!

Until next time > _____<

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