Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday ♥

Good morning! Yesterday I spent the morning making orange brownies for my birthday as I generally do not like cake unless it has a whipped icing!

Orange brownies - yum!!

Later on, my family and I got together for brownies, a little chit-chat, and the ceremonious ripping of wrapping paper and tossing of tissue paper!

I received the following goodies:

1. July issue of The English Garden magazine
2. May/June issue of The English Home
3. May issue of Cross Stitch Collection
4. Collecting Costume Jewelry 303 book
5. The Steampunk Bible book
6. Steampunk Style Jewelry book
7. Origami flower kit
8. Gift card to Books-A-Million
9. A year subscription to Inspirations, Australian magazine
10. The complete Sherlock Holmes collection with Jeremy Brett
11. Some lovely roses from my mother :)

I loved all the gifts I received! I can't wait to start receiving the Inspirations magazine in September. My aunt bought me the subscription as our local Barnes and Noble no longer carries it in stock. I've missed quite a few issues of this magazine since our B&N closed.

I think my biggest squeal of geeky joy was over the Sherlock Holmes collection of the 1980s series with Jeremy Brett, David Burke, and Edward Hardwicke. Yes, you may laugh, I don't mind :) I would really love to just plunk down and watch all the DVDs, but I'd never get anything else done if I did so O_o" I'm thinking I will watch a few episodes at a time!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Until next time ^_____^


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel! And enjoy all your wonderful gifts.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you like what I got you :P If you ever get the package :p Missing you!!!