Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneaky instructions and Red Riding Hood

Good morning! I decided yesterday afternoon to start a Mill Hill kit that I purchased from my LNS the week before.

Design: Kris Kringle, Holiday III by Mill Hill
Fabric: brown perforated paper
Threads,etc: DMC, ribbon, buttons, and beads
Start: 4/2/2011

I was stitching along and kept thinking to myself that the threads just didn't look as full as they did in the picture. At the same time, I had made a mistake in counting and was pulling out stitches and restitching when I decided to put the kit aside to give my eyes a rest when I noticed the other side of the chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine my surprise when there was a 'chart 2' on the other side of the first chart, which detailed the cross stitch threads needed............sigh.

No wonder it looked so odd.....O_o"

Yet another lesson to be learned about crafting:
1) Always, always read all the instructions.
2) Just to be on the safe side, look on the other side of the page!!

I was good about following lesson #1, but didn't even think to look on the other side because it mentioned using 2 threads on the first page for cross stitching!! Blah!!!

I will probably not pick up this kit again today as my friends and I are going to theater to see Red Riding Hood. I'm hoping that it is better than the novel, which was sadly lacking in a conclusion! You were instructed to go online to the website and find out how it ended.................O_o" No, I didn't go online to find out the ending as by that point I didn't care.

Wishing you a good Sunday and work week. Hope you're enjoying spring weather in your area! The azaleas are in bloom here :)

Until next time ^_____^

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