Thursday, October 21, 2010

O___O ......WOW!

Yes, that was my brain after opening a package I received in the mail today from my dear friend in CA! Of course, I had to share pictures of my loot!

Thank you, sweetie! I loved EVERYTHING....including the dancing puppy, which made me laugh for a good ten minutes ;)

The packaging for the gifts along with a whole pile of letters/cards, which I read immediately.

Inside of boxes. I loved the wrapping paper on the gifts!

Such great gifts! Cross stitch kits, a dancing witch-dog, a magnifier for crafting, cute little ceramics (love the mini cottage!), a handmade bracelet, and two pieces of Swarvoski.

Wow! Talk about being spoiled!!!!

Close-up of ceramics and cross stitch kits ;)

This bracelet BLEW me away! I was telling my mother and sister that my stitching just doesn't compare to the amount of time it must have taken my friend to make the bracelet for me. Isn't it gorgeous? The picture is 'clickable'.

The camera was giving me trouble when I tried to take pictures of the two Swarvoski pieces so I found some pics to show what they look like.

A very beautiful mini blossom pendant. It is so adorable!

*SQUEAL* I must admit that I 'geeked' out when I saw this little guy when I opened the box by saying, "It's an ichigo!" I love it!!!

Thanks again my friend! I'll write soon.

Until next time ^____^

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