Sunday, July 16, 2017

Birthday Package from CA

Good evening, everyone! On Friday I received a belated birthday package from my friend Amanda. I actually like belated gifts; they make an original day a special one.

The package that Amanda sent was HUGE and heavy. I couldn't think what was inside it to make it so heavy. Upon opening it, I found out why it was so heavy. She had sent me a lovely sewing box decorated with kokeshi dolls that was stuffed with lots and lots of goodies. 

She sent me lots of candy, which my sister and I plan on bringing with us to the convention this month to snack on while at our artist alley table. She gave me two more Gail Carriger pins and a new brooch to add to my collection, a lovely butterfly. She also sent me some lip gloss, a bunny tape measure, a nail kit, and a set of plates and a bowl.

Amanda always sends the most beautiful handmade cards! This birthday she made a gorgeous card decorated with a bunny and a starry sky. Inside the card was a three-dimensional scene with another bunny sitting in the grass with a row of houses. I love that the bunny is gazing at the sky which shows the Gemini constellation. 

I absolutely love her cards. She puts her heart into her creations!

Thank you for the amazing birthday package!!!

Until next time ^___^


  1. You are right, belated birthday presents make a really special day out of a normal day. Great package that you received.

    1. Thanks! And yes, they are special when they are belated :)