Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Package to CA

I sent a Halloween package to Amanda on Saturday and she received it yesterday. I had fun making the crochet goodies in this package.

Do you guys remember the pumpkin drawstring bag I crocheted earlier in September? I included it in Amanda's package.....chock-full of Halloween candy and chocolate.

I found a kawaii Halloween-themed tissue pack with candy illustrations on it while out shopping one day and thought it would be fun for her package. I also included various Halloween ribbon that I'm sure she'll use in her crafting next year. Whenever the magazine Make It Yourself comes out, I send a copy to Amanda so she can get inspiration for holiday crafts and cardmaking.

For her Halloween amigurumi, I found a clever idea via Fun & Fang's blog for a spider in a jar. The amigurumi is quite easy to make, I would definitely recommend it for beginners in the world of amigurumi. I loved being able to decorate the jar to my own tastes.

I used some purple Halloween-themed fabric in my stash for the top of the jar and sealed the edges with glittery black ribbon. Inside the jar I cut up several pieces of ribbon to layer the bottom and on the outside I used hologram star stickers.

Amanda asked me if it was a scary spider and if it would invite its friends over to her house. I told her that if I chose a personality for this little spider, she would be a sweet spider. One who loved to watch people craft goodies and who also loved to collect fall and Halloween ribbon so one day she could create a beautiful web made of all sorts of ribbon.

Pattern: Spider in a Jar by Fun and Fang
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft gray sparkle
Hook: Size G
Notions: tiny metal brads for eyes
Start/Finish: 9/20/2014

I wish I could have gotten a better image of my little spider, but with the doming in the glass, I couldn't get a really good photo. It was the only type of jar I could find at HB that was big enough for my spider and that didn't have markings like a Mason jar.

In other holiday news, I am waiting to ice cupcakes with caramel and pecans. I am making caramel apple cupcakes for my coworkers for Halloween tomorrow.

I hope you guys and girls have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

Until next time ^_____^

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  1. thank you so much Bunny! I loved everything and the little spider has been behaving. :) I like having a little friend to help me play with yarn. :)