Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Skoshbox!

I received August's Skoshbox at the end of July, but waited to blog about it until August. I can't wait until the weather cools down so I don't have to resort to putting my Skoshbox in the refrigerator for fear of melted goodies.

Favorites (in order):
1. Sakura mochi chocolate (cherry blossom and azuki bean choco with mochi filling): this chocolate was yummy not to mention delicious smelling. It is from the same company that made the matcha mochi chocolates that my coworkers and I loved from a previous Skoshbox package.
2. Pocky Classic: chocolate Pocky, melted together, but still great!
3. Kasugai Apple Gummy: these gummy candies are always in stock at our local Asian markets. They are quite yummy and come in different flavors.
4. Sanko Zara Jiman Senbei: a rice cracker with sugar topping. I love the fact that the cracker isn't overly sweet. I wish our local Asian markets had a better selection of senbei.
5. Caplico Cones: we had a chocolate flavored cone. Quite yummy, but messy to break up to share between coworkers.
6. Pokemon Ramune (soda flavored candies): I'm on the fence about these. They aren't bad, but they don't remind me of ramune soda at all.
7. Teriyaki Burger Umaibo (puffed corn stick): I wonder if I'll be able to try every flavor of umaibo through Skoshbox. This one was quite good, though I think my fave might be the cream corn.

1. Green Tea Oreo: yet another casualty in this category because it was melted. I really hope I get try these one day in its non-melted state.
2. Maison de Kukkia: I liked the light flavoring of green tea in this cookie, but I think I've tried better so far.
3. French Papiro (creamy green tea filling in a cookie shell): Not my fave because of the green tea granules.

Until next time ^___^

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