Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Asian Food Adventure: Kimichi Ramune

This was one of the different flavors of Ramune that my sister and I found at the convention. One of the vendors sold a plethora of Japanese drinks, snacks, and sweets, which is great for those of us who have limited selections at our local Asian markets.

I brought the kimichi drink to work with me today so my coworkers and I could try it. I will admit that I've never had kimichi so I don't have anything to compare this drink to.

So my initial reaction, the smell was horrible and it might just smell like kimichi, but I'm not sure. The taste wasn't something I could describe....perhaps like vegetables i.e. cabbage. While it wasn't disgusting, it is definitely something I would never try again.

Maybe if you like kimichi, you'll love this drink, but on the other hand, it might wig you out despite your love of kimichi!

Until next time ^___^

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