Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Recap


1. Rider Haggard and the Fiction of Empire by Wendy Katz
2. Undead and Unsure by Mary Janice Davidson
3. Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen
4. Austenland by Shannon Hale
5. The Third Kingdom by Terry Goodkind

1. Around the World: Japan by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

1. Nine-tailed fox amigurumi
2. Various pony perlers

After reading an article about the new Austenland movie, I decided to read the novel version and so borrowed it from the library. I remember seeing the book when it first came out, but never picked it up. I'm glad I didn't......and wish I hadn't done so now. I'm not sure if the book is supposed to be intentionally cringe-worthy, but it certainly ranks high on my cringe meter. Luckily the dialogue makes it a fast read so I could push my way through the novel......which is saying much since the dialogue made me want to throw any Jane Austen materials I have in my house out the was that bad.....

Did anyone else who has read this book feel the same way????

For Terry Goodkind fans, his newest Richard and Kahlan novel, The Third Kingdom, came out this month. At first I didn't think I could get into it because I thought he was joining the 'band wagon' with some new types of characters in his book, but he surprised me with his inventiveness. Down side.......I have to wait another year or two for a new book to follow.....

What's on the agenda for September? Lots of amigurumis as Amanda is having a craft table in California later in the fall/early winter. I also hope to work on some fall themed/Halloween cross stitch designs.

Until next time ^____^

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