Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fandom Con 2012

Yesterday, my friend Kristina and I drove over to Pensacola to the Univ. of West Florida for their annual Fandom Convention, which is a sci-fi/anime convention.

I've never been to the Univ. of West Florida's campus. I will say it is quite lovely and spacious!

As usual, Kristina and I always have some sort of adventure driving somewhere beyond our own city. It never fails. So we were going along great until we got to the merge on was only suppose to be 2.4 miles down the road we were driving on, but we never saw the sign. Luckily, we stopped at a gas station for directions and she said to take the road behind the gas station (somewhat like a service road) and we would run right into that street!

Thanks goodness for friendly directions! We got where we needed to go and both agreed that a hurricane must have blown away the sign post for US-90!

It took about 40 minutes or so to go through registration. They need to take a cue from Mechacon's registration process, very quick and effective.

We made it just in time to go to one panel that we both wanted to see, the Outer Senshi/Scouts appreciation panel. It was quite fun and a bit weird to be in a uni classroom having a panel on anime-related material!

Here's the picture I took of the panelists including two audience members who were also dressed as SM characters, Sailor Uranus and Tuxedo Mask.

After the panel, Kristina and I wandered the dealers' room and the artists' alley before leaving for some lunch and coming back for a little bit more.

When we came back after lunch I saw this cute couple dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter and couldn't resist asking for a picture. I love her super cute White Rabbit doll!!!! It reminds me of a larger one that I saw in a Gothic/Lolita magazine a while ago :)

I wasn't impressed with the artists' alley, I think Mechacon has spoiled me on artists' alley. There weren't a lot of vendors and they were sadly crammed into a tiny room by the dealers' room.

Here's my haul!

From dealers' room:
1) An insanely kawaii neko plushie!
2) Cherry blossom chopsticks and some Japanese candy

From artists' alley:
1) A chocolate pudding flan plushie!
2) A British heart button for my Kindle :)

Overall, we had quite a fun time. Afterwards, we drove back to Spanish Fort to check out the World Market since Kristina had never been there. She bought some nice goodies while I picked up a pair of beginners' chopsticks and a box of mincemeat pies for Christmas.

Then we drove over to Barnes and Noble to check out their selection of craft in an accident with a fellow car. I won't go in depth, but it was their fault not ours as I was opening my car door when they sped into the parking space beside us.

Otherwise, a good day! I think we might have to do this again next year! Hopefully with no accidents and warmer weather!!!

Until next time ^_____^

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  1. jelly!!! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun! :)

    Chopsticks?! How many years have I been buying you chopsticks and trying to help you learn to use them and you actually bought them how it's done! :)