Sunday, October 28, 2012

1st Modes4u Package!

Earlier this month I decided to order some items from Modes4u, a super cute website that sells all sorts of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese merchandise from stationery, fabrics, bento boxes, and DIY clay sets.

You know I was eyeing the DIY clay sets, right? LOL Here is what I ordered from them!

A fuwa fuwa clay set with two molds for cookies, cakes, and ice creams that also includes eye pins, keychains, glue, and four pastel colors of glittery clay. For the clay molds, I also ordered mold oil, charm varnish, white clay whipped cream, and an utilty box to keep my clays from drying out.

If you spent over a certain amount, you get free I added something not clay related, a cute Hansel and Gretel keychain for my car keys. My Fruits Basket Kyo one finally fell apart after years of use; LOL it was definitely time for a new one :)

As a freebie, they sent me a roll of deco tape featuring Monokuro Boo, a cute little piggie!

I can't wait to play with these clays! But it might not be until sometime next month as we are in the midst of renovating our house. During the first week of November, I will be helping my mother and aunt paint the living room...........a huge task, but it will be nice to have a painted living room instead of wood paneling from the 70s!

Until next time ^______^

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