Monday, April 17, 2017

New Orleans Antiquing and Dessert at Sucre!

We didn't get out of NOMA until after 2pm so we made our way to Magazine Street for lunch/dinner and dessert. After having an okay meal at Jack's, we went by an antique store to browse. You know me, I had to take a few pictures of the various embroidery/cross stitch items on display.

Late 20th century cross stitch sampler

A Oriental themed vest made from needlepoint?!

Cross stitched tea towels

Stumpworked Boston fern with a creepy doll

Victorian motto sampler

Needlepoint and beaded box

Whoever made this..............? It boggles the mind. It must have taken forever!!! A needlepoint base and a beaded floral scene on top?!?!?! Egads.........

After drooling over the antiques, we stopped by Sucre. No trip to New Orleans if complete without a stop by Sucre.

I had their fraise dessert which had a strawberry gelee, vanilla sponge, and mousse! They decorated the plate with strawberry preserves. Delicious.

I got one of their newer flavors of macarons, jasmine tea. I wish I could have bought an entire box full of them, but I exhibited self control for once :)

Can't wait to see what Sucre will offer the next time we are in town!

Until next time ^___^


  1. Good morning, Rachel. After catching up on your blog, I realized a few things...nothing beats visiting a museum, antique stores are so much fun, and any day that ends with a fabulous dessert is a good day! n LOL

    "My" LNS is about four hours away, so I save up for a few months before I head that way. You showed much more restraint that I would have. LOL

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Hi!! Oh, I was tempted, but I knew the linen was going to take all my stitching money away. Lol At least I found linen for my two projects. I think that is what I miss the most about not having a LNS. Looking at fabrics to see what works with a project :)

      Joann's and Hobby Lobby have basic antique white or cream in linen....they only carry Aida in lots of colors. It was refreshing to be in a shop that sold different linen colors.

      P.S. Lots of rain today. Hopefully you guys are still getting some nice storms to fill up your reserves!! Have a great week!!