Monday, April 17, 2017

Accents, Inc - Cross stitch shop in Metairie, LA

Good morning everyone! Kristina and I took a trip to New Orleans on Saturday to see several exhibitions at the New Orleans Museum of Art. As luck would have it, the museum didn't open until noon because of a race that was going on in the park surrounding the museum so we decided to stop by a cross stitch shop in Metairie, LA called Accents, Inc.

We had a lot of fun looking through the patterns and various fabrics in the shop. It has been a long time since either of us has been to a cross stitch shop because the one we had in town closed along with the ones in Pensacola and Foley......we are in a wasteland for cross stitch shops unless you drive up to Dothan or Montgomery.

Like all cross stitch shops, it was decorated in framed and finished cross stitch projects. I had to take a few pictures of the different finishes :)

I think my favorite finishes were the standing egg and acorn and the cute Halloween tree pictured above. I love how they finished the cross stitch in tiny muffin tins.

Surprisingly, I didn't buy much......partly because I knew I was buying fabric for two projects, which is always pricey. So I came away with two colors of 32ct linen in light mocha and water lily. The light mocha will be for Willow Hill Samplings' Cinderella and water lily will be for CCN London.

My camera doesn't capture the correct color on the fabrics. They are both paler than they appear. I was hoping to get a sand colored Belfast for the Cinderella design, but when the lady pulled it out for me, it was a lambswool..........and you know I hate working on that type of linen....too scratchy and coarse for my taste. So I chose the light mocha instead even though it wasn't as dark as the sand color.

While going through their many patterns, I found Jardin Prive's Eiffel Quaker. I have been eyeing it for a while now and decided to go ahead and get it instead of ordering it online.

Kristina came away with some Aida cloth, some beading needles, and a Mill Hill cross stitch and bead kit :)

We really enjoyed our time at the shop. The ladies that own it are friendly and are happy to help out if you have questions. That friendliness has definitely helped them to stay open for over 30 years. I hope they decide to keep it open as long as possible. You can't beat a brick and mortar store, especially when it comes to cross stitch........sometimes you need to see the real thing before buying :)

So if you are taking a trip to New Orleans, make a side trip to Metairie for some cross stitch goodies. For those of you who like plantation, historic house patterns, or state themes, they have a nice selection of them of Louisiana and New Orleans.

Until next time ^___^

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