Thursday, December 22, 2016

~ A Sweet Christmas Finish ~

Pattern: Sweet Christmas by Cuore e Batticuore
Fabric: 32ct lambswool by Wichelt-Permin
Threads: recommended DMC and B5200
Start/Finish: 9/18-12/22/2016

Hi, everyone! It's a happy dance day for three reasons.

1) I have tomorrow, the weekend, and Monday off for holidays!!!
2) I came home to see a package from Amanda waiting for me.
3) I finished my Sweet Christmas pattern!

Definitely worth a million happy dances if you ask me :)

I was hoping to get some more detail photos of my stitching, but our kitten, Lily, is too curious for her own good and she has claws. I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my stitching. (O_o")

After stitching my first Cuore e Batticuore pattern, I am smitten with their designs. They are fun to stitch and I love their motifs! How can you go wrong with sweet desserts for Christmas?!

Until next time >___<


  1. You definitely deserve a big happy dance, Rachel. Great job finishing that lovely design just in time for Christmas. You are so right about Cuore e Batticuore designs, they are all so sweet. And I will start my first CeB project next spring.
    Have a wonderful Christmas weekend.

  2. Good morning, should be bouncing AND singing! Definitely worth a happy dance. Your stitching is beautiful and it is such a lovely piece. I've got an eight hour shift and then a three day weekend, too. I am so ready. LOL Have a very Merry Christmas!