Monday, December 12, 2016

Literary Irony and a Kitten

Good morning, everyone! It's been a busy last couple of days with the usual buying and wrapping of gifts, 'finishing' of gifts, not to mention cross stitching and reading thrown into the mix.

While at the library on Saturday, I noticed a bit of librarian humor. Can you see the connection between those three books?

I immediately took a photo and sent it to my sister who brought up Roosevelt being in the same 'boat' as I only noticed Casanova and Bill Clinton since American history wasn't something I studied in depth in college.

Now, it is possible that the librarians weren't trying to be ironic with their book placement and were just trying to put as many new titles out on the table as possible. Personally, I'd like to think that a snarky librarian was giggling to themselves as he or she placed those books!

Onto to other news, I'm still working on Sweet Christmas. I'm at the top of the design stitching on the border. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be around the corner and on the right side of the design :)

As you know our kitty Bella passed away in the summer. For a while my sister and mom have been pestering me about getting another kitty. (As if I was the deciding factor! *snort*) So on Saturday afternoon, we went by Pet Smart and adopted a three month old kitten which we named Lily.

She is a short haired black kitten. On one hand she is cute, cuddly, and a purr-box, while on the other hand she is a terror of the high seas. We were so used to our kitty Bella who was 6 years old when we got her......we didn't take into account that a kitten would be completely different.

Since our household is almost always a calm environment, we are hoping it will influence Lily to be a calm kitty as she grows up.

If I ever get Lily to sit still for a minute, I'll be sure to take a photo of her for you!

This is the first day that Lily will be home alone..................please pray for our Christmas tree and other trinkets around the house!

Until next time ^___^


  1. Good morning, Rachel! Glad to see you posting, was starting to think that you'd headed to the Bahamas for Christmas. LOL

    A new kitty? You are a brave woman...kitties and Christmas trees don't usually go well together. LOL

    Have a wonderful week. And I love the name Lily. So sweet.

    1. Lol I wish I was somewhere warm for Christmas!!

      It wasn't my idea to get a kitty. I would have waited until after Christmas to get one. So far Lily hasn't destroyed anything even though she is constantly jumping everywhere.