Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Friendship Package from CA ♡

Good morning everyone :) I received a fun package from my friend Amanda last week.

She got to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year so she included a bunch of freebies like reading samples from different publishing companies, buttons, and postcards.

Her friends Tom and Angel were recently in Japan and they brought back different flavors of Kit kats. I am waiting until I go back to work next week so I can share them with my coworkers. She sent wasabi, red bean, Hokkaido melon, sakura matcha, and sake flavors!!! (I already opened a pack of the sakura matcha since there were more than one.....delicious!!)

She sent me a Caron Cakes macaron skein of yarn. I couldn't find the color here at our local Michael's store. She was kind enough to buy one for me :)

At her local Daiso store, she found a cute pair of bunny tabi socks and an adorable kitty book page holder. You can't have too many socks especially when you are always cold when sitting and cross stitching :)

I can't wait to try the page holder. It will be perfect for when I'm baking.

Thanks for the awesome package!


  1. What a wonderful package!! And no, you can never have too many socks or skeins of yarn. LOL LOL

    I didn't even know that they made different flavors of Kit Kat bars...hmmm, wonder what else I'm missing out on. LOL

    1. It's only in Japan. I know we have white chocolate and dark chocolate versions in the US....wish we had different flavors. In Japan they have different flavors for each season and for different regions/prefectures of Japan.

      It would be neat if the US had different flavors for each state! I have a feeling that AL would be pecan flavored :)