Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Package to Canada

My Halloween package to Constance in Canada arrived today. As her cross stitch gift, I sent the JBW French Country Witch pinkeep. I had crocheted a maple leaf to decorate the packaging of the pinkeep like I did for my other Halloween packages this year.

I also sent a bunch of Halloween candy including a bag of M&M's fall flavor, pumpkin spice latte.

Canada doesn't have Target stores....apparently they failed in Canada, which is amusing because they do have Walmart stores. I think most American towns would take a Target over a Walmart......but what can I say, it's Canada!

Anywho, I sent the M&M bag because it is Target's exclusive flavor this year. I'm assuming they have the pecan pie flavor since it is Walmart's exclusive flavor :)

I hope you liked all the goodies, Constance :)

Until next time >___<

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