Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween 2015 Package to Amanda

Pattern: Ghost Coasters by Red Heart Yarn
Yarn: Crafter's Secret alpine snow
Hook: Size H
Start/Finish: 9/26/2015

Pattern: Maple Leaf by Happy Berry
Yarn: Lion Brand Bonbon Celebrate orange
Hook: size C
Start/Finish: 10/6/2015

Good morning again! I had also sent off my Halloween package to Amanda on Saturday morning. I know it is a bit early, but I was sending out Constance's package as well and thought I'd take the opportunity to send Amanda's just in case I was busy later this month at work.

For her Halloween package, I sent her the Make It magazine with winter/Christmas projects, card making supplies (stickers, washi tape, and flat back buttons), two sets of DIY Japanese candy kits, two chocolate bars (one is Lindt's Sweet Popcorn bar......ugh.....possibly my favorite flavor of chocolate by Lindt's!!), a cupcake liner/pick set, two pairs of socks for Halloween and Thanksgiving, a set of crocheted ghost coasters, and a crocheted leaf that I made to decorate her packaging.

This year I wanted to crochet something different for Amanda's Halloween package and found a great pattern for ghost coasters on Ravelry via Red Heart Yarn. The best part of this pattern is the fact that it has a video tutorial that accompanies it on YouTube by The Crochet Crowd. The video is easy to follow and perfect for those of us who need visual instructions for crochet. As I'm not the best crocheter when it comes to normal crochet projects (i.e. not amigurumi), I was glad to see that these ghost coasters have a video tutorial.

In addition to the ghost coasters, I stitched up a small maple leaf using Happy Berry's pattern again, but this time instead of using regular worsted weight yarn, I broke open a pack of Lion Brand Bonbon yarn that Amanda had given me quite a while ago and used the sparkly orange color to make the maple leaf.

I hope you enjoyed your early Halloween package! I think a nice hot mug of hot chocolate would be perfect for those coasters :) (Assuming it's cool enough in CA already for hot chocolate!)

Until next time ^____^

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