Sunday, September 13, 2015

Amanda's Birthday Package :)

For Amanda's birthday this year I sent her some things I collected over the spring and summer.

After our trip to the Rose Tree Cottage, she mentioned wanting to try digestive biscuits. Luckily, she did not buy them from the tea shop as they were seriously overpriced. In the last year or so, Walmart has started to carry them for a very good price so I grabbed her a box.

I included several books that I have read and liked, a Make It magazine, a metal Virgo bookmark, and scented highlighters.

During the spring while in Atlanta for a work related convention, I stopped by the Atlanta Aquarium. I found a fun octopus mug, which I was hoping you could drink from, but its tentacles have glue residue. So if anything Amanda can use it as a decorative mug. I hope one day to find an octopus mug that is functional.

Coming back to Alabama from California, I saw the state mugs for Texas at the airport in their Starbucks shop. I got one for Amanda to add to her collection. I couldn't resist the fun scene on the mug.

My friend Kristina found an adorable panda coin bank for Amanda's birthday. Its eyes move, which is hilarious.

I hope you had a great birthday!!

Until next time >___<

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