Sunday, April 20, 2014

Once Upon a Time sampler progress

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

I finished stitching up April's block on the OUAT sampler. My favorite motifs on this month's block were the three bears. I absolutely adore their little bows >___<

I am currently stitching on another design. I got the pattern in the mail on Friday and started it yesterday afternoon after buying some linen fabric and the recommended threads. But after stitching quite a few of the letters, I really didn't like the variegated thread that I was using. The lines of color are too long in the thread to make the 'variegated' aspect noticeable.

I was going to buy some more fabric and start over today, but then I realized that everything would be closed because of the holiday. Silly me! So on to plan B, I am going to go through my thread stash and pick a solid color and 'pull' out all the lettering and stitch them over. Luckily, the darkness of the variegated lettering (staining on fabric if any) won't show once I stitch over them!

Until next time ^____^

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