Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Artwalk Experience Part 2

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table on Friday! We were surprised that it didn't rain as the skies were quite cloudy with thunderheads....but we lucked out in terms of rain if not the heat. You would have sworn it had rained with the temp/humidity!

Despite all that we had a lot fun.

Outdoor sculpture on the sidewalk....took a photo of it while I was on my way to get Kristina and myself some drinks from Serda's, my fave coffee shop downtown ;)

We made a few sales, mostly perler beads.....I sold out of the MLP perlers! Props to the brony who bought them ;) The Rainbow Dash perler sold to a girl.

This time I made price circles and tried to organize the table a bit better. The first photo isn't accurate as I ended up organizing Kristina's about neat freak!

I think by the time we do the Artwalk next month I will make price circles, but laminate them so I can use them over again ;)

Hope to see you guys next month or in our Etsy shop if you took a business card. Let's hope for cooler weather by then ^___^

Until next time ^___^

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