Monday, September 4, 2017

Snow White cross stitch finish

Pattern: Dress Up Collection - The Fairy Tale Princess, #2 Snow White by Brooke's Books
Fabric: 28ct crystal mello Cashel opalescent linen
Threads: recommended
Start/Finish: 8/10-9/4/2017

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day holiday. Yesterday, I was able to finish backstitching and beading my Snow White pattern.

She is 'unofficially' finished. I have a blue ribbon to add to the top of her apron and a thread bow to add to her crown, but I will be adding those prior to getting her framed.

The only 'change' I made to her was the crown section. She is supposed to have five rosettes on her crown, but I'm not good at using DMC memory thread. I couldn't get a decent looking rose to save my life so I made them as well as I could and decided to stop after making three of them.....otherwise I was in danger of throwing my DMC memory thread across the room in frustration. LOL

Since it is the start of September already, I will switch gears to fall/autumn stitching as this is my favorite time of year. I'll be working on my Mill Hill kit and possibly some JBW designs.

Have a great day! And a good rest of the week!

Until next time ^____^


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was fun to see it taking shape especially with all the color changes :)

  2. A great finish, Rachel. You used the Labour Day weekend very well. When I was still working I also used long weekends for my stitching projects. So very satisfying. I'm looking forward to seeing your autumn projects.

    1. Lol I always try to use holiday weekends for stitching :) assuming all the house chores are done!!

  3. I spent too much time knitting this weekend and found myself folding laundry at 4 am this morning. LOL

    I love the reds in your project. And remember, you are allowed to throw things if no one is looking. Smile.

    1. Lol I don't know how well my folding would be at 4am!!

      Very true....though if I did throw my thread I might lose it in my yarn basket. Lol just gotta remember to throw things away from the basket :)

  4. Rachel, just checking in. Haven't seen you post in a while. Doing okay?