Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday Fun - Geeky Cross Stitch Find

Yesterday I ran by Michael's to see if they had any more skeins of Issac Mizrahi's premier line of yarn. I was able to find one skein of black....the only other colors they had were a bunch of brown and grey and one lonely skein of purple. I might have to run to the Michael's store across the bay next weekend and see if they have the other colors in the line. Their website was no help at all...grrr....

Buyers remorse! I should have bought more of the Barrymore color when we were there last weekend, I just didn't think I would like it so much (°_°)

Afterwards I ran by Hobby Lobby to see what felt I could find in sparkly colors. Stopping by the cross stitch section, I saw this geeky cross stitch pattern for a sushi kitty. I almost didn't get it, but it was on sale which made it the same price it would be if I ordered it online so into my basket it went.

It's amazing that nothing else made it into my basket because they have quite a lot of new patterns in that section.......temptation!!!!

I told my friend Kristina about the sushi kitty and she wanted it too. Since I'm not going to use the kit's Aida or threads, I will be passing it along to her after I'm done with it in July.

I am using 32ct cream Belfast linen by Wichelt with normal DMC threads from my stash. The only thing I'll have to buy for Kristina is more seed beads if the kit doesn't come with extras.


  1. That's a nice find. Funny little kitty :)

  2. Hmmm...I wish that I would could say that I buy too little yarn. LOL Your sushi kitty is pretty cute!