Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mobicon 2014 - Dark Shadows

Good afternoon everyone! Last Saturday I went downtown to attend Mobicon 2014. I wasn't planning on going this year after discussions with the organizers and their lack of 3D artists/crafters in their artists' alley this year (which they do not consider to be 'art'), but when I saw that two of the ladies from the original cast of the Dark Shadows series were going to be there, I knew I had to attend.

As a thank you to Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Scott for being part of such a great series, I made two bat amigurumis. I presented them to the ladies in glittery silver bags.

I was extremely nervous to meet them. I kept walking around the merchant's room in circles and even texted my friend Kristina for moral courage to give them my gifts. Her advice helped, a deep breath and to have the bags in my hand to give to them. My heart was beating a million miles an hour and I know I was still nervous after giving them to the ladies because I was talking too fast.

Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Scott were lovely. I spoke more with Mrs. Parker since someone came up to the table to get an autograph from Mrs. Scott. She and I spoke of books and history. She even brought up a bit of Mobilian history that I hadn't heard before. There was a lady in the late 1800s who was accused of killing her husband who it turns out might have been Jack the Ripper. Mrs. Parker asked if she should include Jack the Ripper in her next book and I said why not!

I had Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Scott sign some books and my DVD collector card. Unfortunately I had put the card on top of my books and when I was handed my other books, I put them on top of the card. The signature smudged! Horrors! But I can't complain, I had Mrs. Scott to sign a Return to Collinwood book.

Mrs. Parker on middle left and Mrs. Scott on middle right.

Do you guys remember my post last year at Mobicon when I geeked out over a young man dressed as the Frid's Barnabas Collins? He was the one of who approached Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Parker about coming to Mobicon this year. He told me and another girl who were waiting for their panel that he tweeted them and asked if they would attend our convention. After the panel, I went up to him (in the picture on the right) and thanked him for giving us the opportunity to meet the lovely ladies of Dark Shadows.

I hope Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Parker had a great time in our city. I hope its architecture and history has given them inspiration for more Gothic tales in the Dark Shadows universe.

Until next time ^_____^

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