Sunday, May 13, 2018

Pattern: Alice in Wonderland by Cute Patterns by Maria
Fabric: 32ct cream Belfast linen by Wichelt
Threads: recommended DMC
Start: 5/7/2018

Good evening everyone! I hope all the moms, aunts, grandmas, etc. had a wonderful Mother's Day today. I presented my mom with the geranium design I had stitched up by Mill Hill. She liked it. I think she might put it on her dresser next to her plants. My sister got our mom a weaving book, a llama mug, and chocolates (our mom has a thing about llamas - if she was a millionaire, she'd own llamas! LOL).

I got my aunt the new Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables book and my sister got her a book and some chocolates (can't go wrong with Godiva chocolates!!).

I spent the day stitching, which was nice after yesterday. Spent a lot of money at the tire shop on new tires and two new oil gaskets. Ugh......why do car repairs have to be so expensive? If we can have health insurance and even pet insurance, why can't we have car insurance for repairs?!?! Not accident repairs, but you know 'wear and tear' repairs. Sigh.....

It had to be done....doesn't mean I have to like it!!

Anywho, back to stitching. I'm liking the pattern so far. Luckily it comes with a color and black/white copy so I can go between the two as I stitch. I tried to highlight the color copy as I go along, but with some of the darker colored squares, I couldn't see if I had highlighted anything so now I'm using both the color and black/white copies to work from.

I have been watching Flosstube while stitching for the most part. I have gotten addicted to Emily C of 'Eclectic Possessions Cross Stitch'. She's a stitcher from Georgia. I love her accent. (Yes, I said I love her accent - I'm a Southerner without an accent so I love hearing them).

She has some lovely projects that she has worked on in the past several years. I wish I had her fabric stash!!! 

Wishing you a great work week! 

Until next time ^____^


  1. A nice start on your new project, Rachel.

  2. I love the bright color.i cant wait to see it finished.

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